Health Care Worker’s Perception about the Quality of Health Care at the Outpatient Department in Mwananyamala Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Abstract Background: Quality of care is a complex issue influenced by many factors. It is fundamental in assessing health care delivery in health facilities in developing countries. Health care workers’ perceptions help policy makers and planners to identify bottlenecks in the system to improve utilisation and sustainability of health care services in the population. The objective of this study was to explore health care workers’ perception about the quality of health care delivered at the outpatient department in Mwananyamala Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Methods: A cross-sectional qualitative study was conducted from April to May 2013. Results: Health care workers’ mentioned extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors, which may influence the quality of health care services. Extrinsic factors included poor physical infrastructure, unavailability of medical equipment and/or essential drugs and poor staffing levels. Intrinsic factors mentioned were motivation for health care workers and workplace training opportunities. Conclusion: Multiple factors influencing perceived quality of health care Mwananyamala hospital have been identified to include physical infrastructure, availability of medical equipment and essential medicines, staffing levels, remuneration and promotion. Key words: Heath care workers, quality of health care, outpatient department, Tanzania

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